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| DN 15 Apartment (Wan Chai / 灣仔) |
DN 15 Apartment (2 Bedroom)
| DN 15 Apartment (Wan Chai / 灣仔) |
5 Minutes Walk from Causeway Bay Plaza 1. Causeway Bay MTR Exit C
300 sq. ft.
Net Rent: HK$13,500
Net Rent refers to the net price of the monthly rent. In addition to the rent, the tenant is responsible for paying the electricity bill according to the electricity meter and a fixed water fee of HK$50 per month.
The Net Rent amount is comparatively affordable.
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- Spacious TWO Bedroom Apartment. Fully Furnished.
- Nice and Safe Environment, Opposite of Mira Moon Hotel.

- 寬敞的2房單位
- 交通方便,居住環境安全,舒適,在Mira Moon酒店對面。

Dandenong Mansion, 379-389 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong